Promotion on TikTok: how a business can advertise its products and services to young people

Promotion on TikTok: how a business can advertise its products and services to young people

At first glance, it may seem that the business has nothing to do on TikTok — the content on this social network looks very frivolous. People shoot funny and sometimes even meaningless and stupid videos and share them with friends. Nevertheless, do not forget that wherever there is a large audience, there is an opportunity to convey your ideas and information about your product. You just need to find the right approach. Fortunately, TikTok’s audience is fine. Already at the moment, this social network is used by more than 500 million people.

So TikTok is very well suited for promoting both your personal brand and your business, especially if you are working with a young audience. In this article, I have compiled some tips on what you can do to promote your business on TikTok.

How to promote your business on TikTok:

Use services to promote your TikTok account

In order for your TikTok account to become popular, you need a critical mass of people to subscribe to it, who will subsequently like your posts and share your video clips with other users. One of the easiest and fastest ways to gain a critical mass of subscribers is through TikTok account promotion services.

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Work with influencers on Tik Tok

The TikTok app is a great opportunity to advertise your product to Gen Z. Young people born after the year 2000 tend not to take traditional advertising very well. But they are much more willing to follow the lead of opinion leaders.

Therefore, it makes sense to build contacts with TikTok influencers among your target audience and contact them with a proposal to advertise your product. So, for example, the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant chain did it, which partnered with influencer David Drobik and received over 230 million views and 100,000 leads as a result of an advertising campaign on TikTok.

Try targeted ads on TikTok

Recently, advertising campaigns can also be launched on the TikTok social network. TikTok offers 4 types of ads:

Native News Feed Ads

TikTok allows advertisers to place ads directly in the feed. This way, users will see ads as they scroll from one video to another. It is possible to follow the links and download the video.


TikTok allows brands (for a lot of money, of course) to brand the start screen of an app. Companies can create pictures, gifs and videos with embedded links to landing pages.